Tooth Colored Fillings at Sweet Hart Dental

Modern tooth-colored fillings are an affordable and aesthetically pleasing option compared to the old, unsightly, amalgam fillings. With modern materials, these white fillings provide reliable strength and durability over the years, so you can have a great smile and still bite and chew the same way you always did.

These types of fillings are also particularly useful on cavities in your front teeth. It gives you an alternative option of a more realistic filling, rather than a dark, silver filling. At Sweet Hart Dental we do not use amalgam fillings! We do not believe in putting something that is potentially harmful in your mouth. Give us a call today if you are in need of a tooth colored filling.

A blue illustration shows two pictures diagnal from each other - both show the biting surface of a tooth, and one has inlays being placed on it.

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Don’t let cavities lead to worse problems. Make sure you’re getting your regular checkups and taking care of cavities before the decay spreads and a more drastic solution is required. Contact us to set up an appointment to see if you have any cavities that are in need of a filling.