See How Root Canal Therapy Can Alleviate Your Pain

The root canal is the part of the inside of your tooth that contains the pulp and nerves. When patients come in with severe pain, it’s often root canal therapy that will fix their problem. Root canal treatments are used as a last effort to save your tooth and a crown is added afterward to strengthen and protect it. Discover more about this crucial dental procedure.

An interdental cleaner protrudes down into an empty tooth in a model that shows gums and teeth.

The Value of Root Canal Therapy

Once every effort has been made to save your tooth and it seems like extraction is the only option, root canal therapy is typically the last chance to save it. Considering that saving the tooth with a root canal treatment and adding a crown is far less expensive than extraction and replacing it with a restoration, it’s an excellent value in the long run.

Root Canal Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment in which all of the living parts from the inside of your tooth are removed. While this may sound disconcerting, the reality is that root canal therapy is extremely effective at relieving pain. The inner pulp and other materials are the reason that your tooth feels pain, so removing them makes it impossible. Adding a crown afterward returns strength to your tooth and makes it functional and attractive again.

What to Expect from Your Root Canal Appointment

After applying anesthesia, we’ll create an opening in the biting part of the tooth, and use special tools to remove the pulp. To give it a bit more durability, we’ll fill your tooth with a material that ensures it won’t get infected again. After closing off the tooth, we’ll add a crown to protect it, restoring strength and functionality. Your pain will be gone and your tooth will be saved from extraction.

Root Canal Therapy May Be the Solution to Your Dental Pain

Like many things that have a bad reputation, the root canal procedure defies its stereotype– it’s actually painless and may be the key to relieving your toothache. If you suffer from dental pain, we offer a variety of dental treatments that may provide the relief you need. Dr. Hart is highly experienced at providing dental care with a gentle touch, so she’ll determine which treatments are ideal for you. Contact us today to get started.