Implant Dentistry

If you’re living with missing teeth, simple tasks like speaking and chewing can be a tedious chore. There are so many problems that arise from missing teeth that it’s recommended to replace them as soon as possible and any restoration is better than none at all.

The Best Option

Dental implants provide exclusive benefits that aren’t found in the other restorative treatments. On the short term, implants are the most realistic looking restoration. They can maximize your chewing ability so you can eat normally and enjoy the foods you want. In the long term, dental implants are the only restoration that prevents your jawbone from shrinking and causing you to look older. Explore the reasons why implant dentistry is the ultimate solution to your missing teeth.

The Dental Implant Advantage – 5 Reasons They’re the Best Choice

  1. Dental implants integrate seamlessly with your jawbone
  2. Your dental implants are permanent and designed to last a lifetime
  3. You can eat anything you want with confidence with your dental implants
  4. Maintaining dental implants is as simple as brushing and flossing
  5. Dental implants are the most natural looking restorative treatment

The Key to the Strength of Dental Implants: Osseointegration

The reason for the unmatched durability and stability of dental implants is due to a process called osseointegration. This refers to the fact that titanium has the unique ability to seamlessly fuse together with human bone. The titanium fixture is inserted through the gums and into the jawbone, and from there, it begins to integrate, forming an incredibly tight, reliable bond. This process makes many implant surgeries possible and is crucial for dental implants.

Dental Implants – Understanding the Process

While some candidates may require a supplemental procedure before they can qualify for dental implants, every patient who undergoes treatment proceeds through the following steps:

  1. Consultation with Dr. Hart
  2. Initial Surgery: The Fixture is Placed into the Bone
  3. Recovery and Osseointegration Period (3-6 months)
  4. Second Surgery: Abutment and Restoration are Attached

Your New Smile is Just a Phone Call Away

Living with missing teeth can detract from your quality of life in numerous ways. From your teeth crowding together to your face changing shape over time, it’s highly recommended to avoid these problems by replacing your missing teeth as soon as possible. Dental implants can put an end to your oral health problems, completely restoring chewing function and boosting your quality of life. Contact Dr. Hart today to schedule a consultation to see if this remarkable treatment is right for you.

Frequently asked Questions

With proper care, your dental implants can last a lifetime. However, the restoration may need to be replaced with normal wear and tear. To improve the lifespan of your new smile, we recommend scheduling biannual visits and professional cleanings at Sweet Hart Dental so we can ensure you’re in the best oral health and your dental implants are in excellent condition.

To improve the longevity of your dental implants, we also recommend avoiding smoking and treating any issues with teeth grinding. You’ll also want to be sure to avoid plaque buildup which can lead to an infection and cause issues with your dental implant.

An ideal candidate for dental implants will have one or more missing teeth and good overall oral health. During your consultation, Dr. Hart will examine your teeth and gums to ensure you’re free of gum disease and have sufficient bone density. 

Insufficient bone density is a major cause of implant failure. With our advanced technology, we can properly screen candidates to improve the chances of a successful outcome. 

Typically, the cost is between $1,000 to $3,000 for just the dental implant. That doesn’t include the abutment or the crown. On average, it’s about $5,000 altogether. However, the price varies depending on your specific needs and the details of your surgery. 

Depending on your plan, insurance may cover a portion of the expenses. We recommend contacting your provider prior to your appointment for more information on your specific coverage. 

Dentures need special hardware that allows them to attach to implants, so your current dentures can’t be made into implants. However, customized dentures can be made and affixed to implants for a more stable restoration. 

For more information on dental implant procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hart by calling (954) 437-9288. During the consultation, she’ll review your oral health and provide you with a customized treatment plan to fit your needs.